Cooking italian

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After a short period of cooking laziness, I decided to return to the kitchen to inspire the future generations with my works of wonder. Today, some simple yet scrumptious pasta.


On a side note, I have a trial shift today at the cabaret bar! Wooot! If all goes well (and hopefully with my bubbly personality it will) then I will have secured a rank among the decent working class. A bar-back. (not, not bareback as some other unnamed filipino friends of mine would insinuate).

Back to the cooking! Chop some onion (depends how much you like really), a few mushrooms and put the spaghetti or pasta to boil in the meanwhile.

Make sure you constantly check the pasta so that you dont overcook it. After it’s finished strain it and wash it with water (so that it doesn’t all stick together in a big lump). In the meanwhile cook the onion until it’s slightly golden and then add the mushrooms. Season well (I generally go with salt, ground black pepper and paprika) and wait some more till it gets cooked and nice, then add the meat and season again.

Did you know that salami was called White Hungarian? I swear i never did and my sister used to love it when we were young. Anyway, I decided to add a bit of salami to the mix just to make the taste a bit different. Because I also like my pasta to be a bit spicy, I generally fry the onion in Chilli flavored oil and at the end I add some crushed garlic and crushed pickled chilli. Add some herbs – depends what you like, basil can be nice.


Et voile!

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