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Melbourne Public Transport has managed, once more, to ruin my day. So, after it mucking about for 40 minutes and making me be half an hour late to my dentist and losing my appointment, I decided to buy some lovely Cupcakes!

Cupcake Central is, as the name would suggest, in the Melbourne Central Shopping Mall (which is a maze), on Level 2, at the back of the food court.

You can buy one cupcake for 4$, or 4 for 15$, which doesn’t seem to be all that expensive (unless I decide to turn that into Romanian currency. Which I have decided to never do). They seem to have different flavours every day, so I just got a little box of four (Peanutbutter & Jelly, Red Velvet, French Lemon smth and Tiramisu).

They’re actually quite delicious! (and off course I also take some lovely Ketonal with them so that the stupid toothache goes away. Oh how I love modern medicine). Popped into GAP as well, got myself a (rather expensive) hoodie – it was quite time I bring some additions to my wardrobe.

I’ve also been struggling with eating. Not that I don’t eat. Just that I can’t seem to be able to eat enough of the calories I need to start building muscle. Which is sad and very annoying. I just don’t seem to ever be hungry these days. Need to find some ways to be able to eat like a pig.

Had my oral exam in Commercial Arbitration the other day. Seemed to go well. What doesn’t seem to go well is my studies for the other exams that are coming up and of which I have absolutely no idea what they are about (Human Rights and Australian Banking Law). Woe is me. I will find a way to soldier on. Now I just have to convince myself to stop growing roots on my chair and go on with my day.


Although being lazy feels so good.

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