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Behold, mortals: the mini-fridge! A wonderful little contraption that connects to the USB port and then you can use it to cool your cans of juice, whiskey or whatever wonderful liquid you are about to pour down your intestines.

I remember when I first went to a supermarket in Mexico, and obviously me and the gang felt a surprisingly unsurprising need to visit the alcohol section. Now, it wasn’t just mind blowing how cheap everything was, but I remember Annushia freaking out at the existence of various canned alcohol. Canned whiskey. So here is a post to various canned juices I came across at the MK Minimart (on the corner of Little Bourke St and Swanson St, Melbourne).

CC Lemon has become a great obsession of Anca, and the first time I came across this was actually in London. It’s tastes like a weaker version of Fanta Lemon (but it has Vitamin C!). I’m not necessarily a huge fan, as in I prefer the Fanta version, but I still end up buying it just to spite Anca – you can’t find this in the jungles of Romania it seems.

Ok, though this is not canned, I just wanted to observe the existence of CC Lemon Strong! Which, just for the record, tastes just the same to me so I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

Schweppes Cream Soda: utter crap. This thing is just vile! I don’t know why people buy it. I mean sure, in my Quest for the Ultimate Beverage, in the Adventures of the Different Strange Tastes my Tongue Can Take before Imploding, one does expose himself to risks of finding shit drinks and then being sad for wasting money on them. A short list of horrible drinks no one should ever buy (recent past): Fanta Strawberry. Doesn’t taste good. I always buy strawberry flavored drinks and almost always regret it. There’s also another Schweppes can’t remember the name, but it’s black and it tastes like licorice. Yuck.

Fanta Pineapple! Tastes quite nice. I like pineapple. You know how everybody gets all excited when new flavours appear on the market (or is it just me?). Well, I always loved going abroad because countries like France/Germany/UK always had shops with millions of flavours! And I would just stand there and be like “i want them all!”. Well, now that I live(d) in countries like the UK/Australia, I found i generally need to go to Asian shops for the funky flavours. Still get surprised by all the new tastes tho, which is good.

I do like however how Schweppes finally understands that “grapefruit” is not by default a sour taste! Really now! Haven’t people ever eaten ripe grapefruits? They are sweet. Most of the soft drinks/juices that are grapefruit flavoured are just so sour.

28black. Recently I’ve developed this need to have energy drinks – not for the energy itself. Doesn’t really work for me. But for the taste. And besides how fancy and elegant this drink looks, it’s actually quite tasty. It also doesn’t have any taurine in it. Yay!

So that’s about it. Feel free to share any strange/weird/forgotten tastes of beverages you have encountered. Tho I have noticed people tend not to be willing to participate in a discussion on my blog. Oh well.

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