Naked in Fitzroy

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Misleading as the title might be, I was not prancing butt naked in Fitzroy (me, not naked? shocking). However it was high time I met up with Sharmila, and it was high time I do some Melbourne-exploring activities so here’s the result:

The initial plan was to get to Judy Roller Cafe, and see the many painted walls of Fitzroy. The place really is filled with amazing graffiti but obviously I managed to forget my SD card so my camera was rendered useless. Thankfully, iPhone 4s has quite a good camera so I was able to unleash the inner tourist.

Got to the street, walked aimlessly like bobo’s trying to find the entrance, and then I manned up and asked a nearby worker where this cafe is. Closed, it seems it was. Nevertheless, great street art so we just decided to go find some other exciting place in this jungle of concrete.

Luckily it had gotten quite warm (finally! 29 degrees!), though it seems Melbourne has this ability to be hot in the sun and freezing in the shade.

Naked for Satan (the title makes sense now, doesn’t it?) – 285 Brunswick Street  Fitzroy VIC 3065. Luckily technology – and 4square – helped us find this little gem. Obviously as soon as it popped up we we’re both like “naked? satan? yes please!”.

So what does this place offer? Besides really friendly bar staff, their specialty seems to be infused vodka (you can get three shots for about 13$, they really are very tasty), I tried Naked Bitch (Chilli & Cherry), Watermelon & Mint and Alpine Chocolate & Sugarcane. You could barely feel the vodka, and the aromas are quite pleasant.

Then there’s these things! Pintxos, or little-sandwich-thingies as I would like to call them, come for 2$ each, and they have provoked a mouth orgasm for me. Seriously. Especially the one with the eggplant. Pure pleasure! Then we just went on and chatted about life and love and all our problems until the wee hours of the day (about 7-8 pm).

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