Setting Goals

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Ever since I moved to Australia, I feel like my life is simply adrift – a pleasant, exciting, adventurous adrift – but academically I feel like I haven’t really done much. And this isn’t about me not going to courses or the such. It’s more, and I can’t seem to be able to quite put my finger on it.

Certainly, in a way an exchange year is a pause on your life. I am basically waiting for the year to end to go back to London and finish my last year, hopefully get employed, exams this year don’t count for my degree. All of this. Not talking on a personal level – obviously I have a year of living in Australia, visiting other nearby countries, meeting new people, evolving on certain levels.

So I need goals. I think it’s quite easy to forget yourself and not do anything without goals.

Goal 1: Get some sort of internship – anything as long as it’s commercial. From banks to law firms. Might be slightly difficult as HR people seem to be utterly incompetent in answering what I actually ask them.

Goal 2: Learn 150 Japanese kanji and 150 Chinese characters until the end of the year.

Talking of languages, I obviously do not study when I say “I’m gonna do individual study. By myself”. Doesn’t happen. And, indeed, I have actually started a Japanese course in central Melbourne.

There’s also this very nice program called Anki – that helpes you with flashcards. It is really good as it has different options for it to help you study (it repeats the flashcards according to how often you actually know the answer so it’s very good in repeating the harder words). The program is free: . And you can find existent decks here: You can probably find more if you just google them.

Goal 3: Study for your exams. I do want to get good grades. We all know how difficult it is for me to motivate myself to do schoolwork.

Goal 4: Participate in the GPPDC (Global Public Policy Debate Challenge) with a competent paper. Last year I made it to the semi-finals, let’s go all the way this time!
I think this suffices. My circus acrobatics course start on the 8th! Woot! And I do find different things to do and apply for (Youth Forum). So it’s not like I actually waste my time.

I have also decided to write, at the end of the day, a list of useful things I did that day. Just so I start feeling like I do something with my life. Maybe I’m just secretly depressed. Hah. Oh well. Onwards with life, my fellow pirates!

Any goals you have and wanna share?

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