Melbourne Show

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The Melbourne Show – a land of cotton candy, peasants and devil machinery.

I find it quite fascinating how there actually is a stop on the train route called “Showgrounds”. It like in Singapore where you just get off the tube/train and find yourself in an enchanted world!

I do quite like my carnivals – a gazillion type of toxic food, all sorts of rides that you end up regretting you got onto, and off course, the place where you find humanity’s finest. I mean it when I say there was a sea of peasants. And it’s not just my usual elitist personality that saw that, it is known fact that carnivals attract the lowlifes of society. Still enjoyable, even more enjoyable with all these animals amusing me.

Speaking of animals: piglets! Cue obsession with animals and hundred of pictures of pigs.

I really wanted to hold one. The poster for the event showed a girl holding a baby pig. I felt so deceived by the fact that I was not provided with the opportunity to hold one of these little pieces of heaven in my arms! Look at their dirty little noses. Such sweetness.

Went to the food pavilion after, munched on some free stuff, then with the power of a pregnant lady i really felt the need for some churros. They weren’t that great. Walked some more, then we decided to go in a horror house – I could not stop myself from laughing whilst inside. At one point a guy came at me with a chainsaw and I was just bursting there. Ahaha. They should have been afraid of me.


Final stopping point was the Gravitron (first pic), where you spin at a few hundred km/h until the centrifugal force keeps you glued to the wall. Literally. You could sit upside down it wouldn’t really matter. Fun stuff! Except when it starts stopping and then you start feeling woozy and wanna puke the insides of your brain.

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