Vietnamese Downtown

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It seems I’m into Vietnamese lately (pun included for the ones that know), though I must admit their food is actually quite good.

The place is called Vietnam Noodle Place (251 Swanston Street, Melbourne), and seems to be Owen’s favorite place. Though Asian cuisine has found a renewed strength in my life through Melbourne. Not Japanese one. Oh how I yearn for all those delicious Spicy Yellow Tail Sushi Roll and all that scrumptious Tempura or Okonomiyaki!

Back to this place. Not very expensive either (4$ for a Banana Smoothie, 9$ for my dish), I can’t quite remember what Owen had (picture above). Some sort of shrimp covered in sugar cane or something. I think. It was alright.

Mine was “Enoki Mushrooms in Beef with Rice Vermicelli”. Looked so sophisticated and sensual – just like me.

Grade: C (So-so)

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