The Great Malaysian Adventure – The Finale

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The island adventure (to Pulau Kapas, a nice and isolated little island) was the last part of my great trip in Malaysia. I am still peeling from that adventure – let’s just say sleeping in the sun just leads me to acquire a lovely red nuance.

After a 5-6 hour drive in which I had slept like a sow, we manage to miss the boat by about 5-10 minutes! (next bout due in 2 hours. I would blame Annushia for the constant hit and miss regarding getting here, but then again, she did soldier on to drive for all those 5-6 hours, so I can’t really complain). So we go to the market, grab something to munch… and are attacked! By…

Cats! Shitloads of them! Honestly, they were everywhere. So I just put my feet on my chair so these mongrels don’t keep touching my feet with their diseased tails and sigh that they’re cats and not monkeys (though I’m sure Alexandra is now sitting on her chair and making weird noises as she looks at the cat pictures).

Now, I don’t want to be overgeneralizing or ignorant or whatnot… but sometimes it just feels so unsafe and unhygienic to eat from 3rd world country markets. I love them, don’t get me wrong, and I can’t wait to try balut or other lovely dishes, but still. I can feel the worms moving in my dish (this being said, I do often find larvae in my food in such countries hah. Not that I mind, extra protein.). And the dish isn’t one that’s supposed to have worms, just to be clear!

Strange food aside, the boat trip was short and yet it was the beginning of me getting sunburn. The sun knows no mercy!

Skip forward to the beach because I either can’t remember other things that happened or nothing happened. Off course, ants all over the place, lizards, a chipmunk, and sitting on the beach frying.

As I was sitting on the beach, staring towards the mainland, you notice a sort of freedom given by the fact that you are basically stranded on an island for a few days and knowing that there is not much else to do except sit on the beach or swim all day. The though process seems to slow down – there is no need for any rush, there’s so much time for everything.

I love moments like this. I yearn for them. When time suddenly starts moving slow as well, when you realize how much time you have to think. It’s when you can start talking to your inner self about recent or other events. About your worries, about your dreams. Sure, I sound mad that I talk to myself in these moments, but these moments mark me. It’s so amazing to just sit there and think, and then think about what you think about. I’m sure Terry Pratchett would agree.

The beach reminded me of my state a few nights previous, sitting on the bed at about 6-7 am, probably shaking off all the chemicals of the previous night. Mind buzzing, at it’s slow pace, but buzzing, with ideas. But I could see their depth, I could feel their entirety. The reason why one travels, or why one should travel, can only be one of two. Either to search for awe inspiring moments, whether they be seeing wombats live or sitting on a cliff basking in the great open sea before you, eating century eggs and puking your guts from trying all sorts of other (illegal) stuff. Or one searcher for the moments of peace. Tranquility. Hiking through the forest, sitting on the beach. To grow, one needs his senses to be challenged, but one also need time and peace so that his senses can understand how they were challenged.


PS: It’s so amazing to swim in warm oceans. IT IS AMAZING! So warm and nice and warm.

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