The Great Malaysian Adventure – Part 2

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I sometimes wonder – well, fine, I wonder most of the time – whether what I write is good enough or not. Whether it’s what I want to write or not. What is the purpose of the blog – retell all the little adventures in my life with a slightly amusing tone, or to delve deep into the core of the meaning of life and such.

So let this one post be about realizations during my trip. (because I mostly only ate all the time) Realization 1: I almost always travel alone. At least in the past few years, this seems to have been the default state. Not that I necessarily mind it – I’m quite used to being by myself. But it would certainly be more fun to be with someone else (no, this is not a plea for finding love. way beyond that).

Realization 2: I hate white people. As double standardy as that might be, I really dislike tourists. The white ones. Always there polluting my authentic Malaysian experience! Like when we went to eat at one of those street vendors, where I was sitting calmly, eating my chicken wings, sipping from my iced tea, listening to some BAP that was booming out of one of the street vendors. But nooo. Next to me had to be this white couple that were drinking wine. Life… we’re not in France/Italy people! Geeesh.

Managed to go to a gay club as well (Frangies), though I didn’t exactly enjoy the music. Or the men. But other than this, another Realization (3): Grindr is everywhere. And so are drugs. Yes, shockingly enough, the gay community always seems to be able to get it’s hands on shitloads of drugs. Each country seems to have a favorite, ICE being the prevalent on in Malaysia (and poppers. BTW, ICE = crystal meth). Don’t ask me why I know this.

I’m so certain I realized more stuff than this, but alas, my memory is not what it used to be. So that is all for the day. All that is left is my grand island adventure!

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