Lunch in Singapore

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Once again, I become master of “City x in less than one day”. Yes, I did spend more time on the bus to Singapore than in Singapore itself, but, you know, we do what we can!

The intention was that, by taking the bus, I would also get to see the many wonders that Malaysia has to offer as views. Obviously, I failed at doing that as I slept throughout most of the trip.

We eventually get to the borders (by we I mean my and the readers which I simply incorporate as part of my journey), and on the Singapore side, I go and ask a lovely immigration officer where I get get an immigration form. He looks at me, sees that I’m white, and then makes me go through a little box that shoots compressed air at you – procedure dedicated for all the non-asian people of the crowd. I survive the procedure and go on to get a stamp on my passport! Gotta catch them all! Pokemon!

Get dropped off somewhere which obviously isn’t the Plaza, so I stumble my way to the MRT (metro), try to buy a ticket but the ticket machine refuses to let me use any debit card. I go to the cashier and she also tells me that I need notes cause I can only get tickets from the ticket machine. So I go an roam around for an ATM, get some 50$, then remember the ticket machines only takes up to 5$ notes. Oh woe. So I roam some more till I eventually find a 7eleven, buy some Coke (and with this opportunity I continue my habit of trying to taste Coke from as many countries as I can) and get money for the ticket! Victory!

What station to pick to go then, since I haven’t really planned anything about this trip so didn’t really know about anything in Singapore. Obviously the station called “Chinatown” stuck out like litter on a Singapore street (get the pun?), and i say that with love.

As soon as I get out, it is a world of wonder! I find it rather peculiar and mystical how the tube exit itself is smack in the middle of a BIG chinese market! From chopsticks to tea (which I indulged in buying) to lots of chinese medicine, you could find it all.

So then it was time to stuff my face, and it seems I’ve been having an obsession with dishes that contain porkbelly in them. With some rice, cucumber soup and veggies, refreshing myself with green coconut juice. The waiter was lovely, he even insisted on my having some iced water before I leave – it was quite warm outside.

Then I just spent some time in the many malls of the city! I was somewhat upset by the overall lack of wifi, to be quite truthful.

Times and times again, I say that traveling opens one’s mind. Especially when traveling alone (which i seem to always be doing), it must be because you have so much time to recollect. On the bus, on the train, on the plane. Then you are all alone in a strange and weird place, needing to figure out everything by yourself. It is undoubtedly much more fun to be with friends. Yet I always enjoy discovering myself as I discover new places. More about all my many ideas in a later post, there is still much to show about this world…

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  1. Awwwww this was lovely! And I agree, traveling alone does have its perks although it can be rather lonely..

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