Attack of the Parrots

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It was time for the first hiking/exploring trip in Australian: together with the Bushwalking and Outdoors Society to Wilson’s Promontory National Park! A land of mistery and…

Parrots! Well let’s start at the beginning. We gathered at the Blockhouse on the campus, and slowly, but steadily, made our way towards Leongatta and then the Prom. It had already gotten dark by this time, and what awaited us in the dark was… kangaroos! Hopping in front of the cars! And wombats on the side! And, as far as I’ve heard, an echidna under the wheels.

First night wasn’t all that much: we just set up the tents and we were already quite tired, so here comes my first night sleeping in a tent! I know, at my age, such a shocker.

It rained during the night – so it was a good opportunity for us to test whether the club’s tents were actually waterproof. They were – god bless. Breakfast was for some meager for others a big pile of fried eggs and bacon and bread goodness! (I had the meager meal…). Then we pack up and get ready to hike for several hours, enjoying the little sun that we could get.

The forest could be quite creepy – filled with all sorts of hollow trees, caused by the many bushfires that apparently exist in the wild. Fun fact! Bush fires can spread with the speed of 130km/h and melt solid iron. Amazing! I keep seeing some spots on all the pictures and my OCD is slowly kicking in. I so need to go clean my lenses.

Everyone managed to be (or at least me) overdressed – we expected rain – so as we were getting up the mountain, clothes were slowly being taken off – very non-sexual, off course. (from me, that is indeed rare). Didn’t get attacked by any wildlife 🙁

I seem to regress again into this non-much-writing, just a lot of pictures blogger. I just can’t help myself. My bones are aching – from the combined efforts of fencing class + hiking a lot + sleeping on the ground in a tent. Have an interview tomorrow, for which i am not very eager to prepare. And I am sure I could find some more excuses. Plus what I wrote sounds like the diary of a 5 year old. Sigh.

Squeaky beach! (Yes, that is the name of it) I really found it incredible though how the wind blew a lot of water so that it all seemed rather misty in the sun.

There is a very amusing story though: as I have said, there were wombats everywhere, including on the campsite (and possums). So one of them managed to rip open one of the tents and get it’s grubby little fuzzy paws on some muesli bars. Then another one made it’s way into another tent to steal some apple.

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