Discovering Springvale

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If there is certainly something to credit Melbourne for, it’s the very many Asian districts and shops and restaurants. Springvale being one of them, as I have understood, mainly dominated by Vietnamese.

Hoa Tran (264A Springvale Rd, Melbourne) is a little nice Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, bustling with life and busy waiters. It reminds me of many Asian restaurants – queues at the entrance, the waiters running all over the place. It’s so lively, so very different from most european restaurants. It seems messy and chaotic, sometime even as if you’re getting in the way of the people working there with your demands and generally with you being there.

I like that though. It gives the place character. You get free tea, I order a lovely strawberry smoothies along my Lemongrass Beef with Rice. I eventually have to take take out because, obviously, I slept in again and thus this was also my breakfast. Love takeout. Also couldn’t help myself not to go buy some of those Red Bean Paste buns that you cook at home – I have been eating buns everyday lately. Definitely have become more asian.

Grade: B

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