The Badger nests

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So after days and days of traveling, of figuring out all these people with strange accents, going through customs, I settle in my new home.

Let me start from the beginning. The journey began with a lot of luggage, and mainly a huge suitcase. The suitcase was not special – it had two wheels, like any other ordinary suitcase. Until I landed in Tokyo. There it had only one wheel. No matter, I say, I will continue by lugging it after me with just one wheel. It seemed to work. Then I landed in Melbourne. The suitcase had no more wheels. So I continued to lug it with me to the taxi.

I like in Howitt Hall, probably the tallest dorm in the campus. It does remind me very much of my room in Wolfson House – I am comfortably sitting on the 10th floor, with quite a nice view I might add. Back to the taxi. So I had believed – for some very wrong reason (I think I can safely blame Neil for this hah) that the taxi from the airport wouldn’t be very much, not more than 30-40 $. Well… it’s not like I a) knew how to get to Monash by bus or b) had the mental or physical capacity to carry a luggage with no wheels and no more handle (did I forget to mention this disappeared as well?). It was 90$. So worth it!

The campus, might I add, is not in Melbourne. It is in the “outer” suburbs. And, as everyone likes to say, it’s sooo far away. It takes a whole hour to get to the center. Moment I pause and raise an eyebrow. It takes an hour to get anywhere in London. Hah. But I let them off… bless them, they don’t know better.

The campus has everything. Banks, post offices, a convenience store. And parrots! They’re everywhere! Loud and colourful. I mean, everyone probably knows how easily entertainable I am. But parrots! Everywhere! And “swooping magpies”. Not simple magpies. The swooping kind! Oh the joy!

I managed to find the bus stop! And actually went into Melbourne. I just want to say there’s asians everywhere. Jackpot!

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  1. :))) You can’t go anywhere without making an adventure out of it, can you? No visa in the States, no time in Japan, no wheels in Australia.
    The campus looks so pretty! And swooping magpies? Any kind of magpies are awesome, but the swooping variety are even better. Try taking some pictures of them!
    When do classes start?

    • Next week 🙁 actually kinda interested in how they are. Got an email explaining “i rather have less reading and more thinking in my class”. My kind of subject…

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