Up in the Air, Down in Tokyo

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Waited 3 hours in Leon for the flight to Mexico City, then jumped on the 17 hour long flight to Narita Airport! (layover in Tijuana!)

Alas, my love affair with Tokyo was rather short. Spent a total of 3 hours on the Narita Express (though the view was great – Tokyo surroundings are so much more green than I had pictured them to be. Many rice pads, and people on bikes, and those asian rooftops!).

Then I managed to get to Shinjuku for about 2 hours, the streets empty and quite the opposite of what “Tokyo” was supposed to be – people everywhere, barely able to move. True, at about 11 it started pouring with people everywhere. But until then, all empty and nice.

As I got out of the plane, this immense heat engulfed everything! (I like that word, engulf). It was humid and hot. It was amazing. And then Japanese everywhere, managed to get by with no word of English. Oh and I got stamps in my passport!

The attitude is also amazing – everyone is so polite and even filled with joy to help you. They also get extremely excited when they see that foreigners know Japanese (in the airport I facilitated the discussion between a Swedish person that was trying to talk to a Chinese woman – then the Chinese woman kept asking me questions about my Japanese and such).

I am sure now that I MUST visit Japan for an extended period of time. It is decided!

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  1. Wooohooooo! Glad you managed to squeeze in some japanese fun along the way! Did you buy lots of stuff? 3 hours from Narita to Tokyo? Jeeez~~ But I bet it was worth it either way 😀

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