Goodbye, Youth Forum 2012

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With a heavy heart, with many memories and friends, I leave the Youth Forum 2012 and Mexico to continue my pilgrimage through life.

I will miss so many people. Honestly, you all have made my last 2-3 weeks simply amazing. So here it goes for Annu, for repeating random words with me such as “booteh parteh” and what not.

Here goes for Ted, with his infectious happiness and smile (get the pun, Ted? infectious… hahaha).

Here it goes for Aiste, with her amazingly ironic comments.

For Sharmila, and her understanding of the importance of power!

For the food, that was truly great!

Even for the many comments about my lack of skills, appropriate wardrobe and my supposedly horrible Japanese (Masa).

Again I manage not to write to much on the blog, and I will stop naming people before I get too soppy. Still need my rep as a bitch. This was undoubtedly a unique experience. I have learned a new obsession – the banghra (thanks to Rida and Daniyal) – been invited all over the world (if only I had the money), and also been reassured that humanity is not yet lost. You can still find plenty of amazing people that make all the other bobo’s not count anymore.

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