Mañana (Mexico Day 13)

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ImageAs the excitement is slowly coming to an end, I post more pictures. The extremely bad internet connection tends not to help.

Last night I was drinking with the Guatemalans, some Mexicans and other various Latin American nations. Obviously, as there was alcohol involved, “never have I ever”, and, as my luck holds, everything became quite gay-centered.

The downsize to drinking all night – and especially drink-offs – is that the next day my stomach is in a constant battle of motion sickness. Luckily I got to sleep some more on the way to San Miguel.

Now not only was the “never have I ever” very homosexually thematic, but it was quite strange (aka lame). Question nb 1: “Never have I ever kissed a girl”. Uhm. Yeah.

Question nb 2: “Never have I ever had gay sex”. Guess who was the only person drinking.

Question nb 3: “Never have I ever sucked dick”. Excuse the language, just trying to accurately reproduce the events.

Question nb 4: “Never have I ever had anal sex”. Again, repeating nb 3.

What continued though was what truly upset me: comments about “why would I want to have gay sex” and other various discriminatory sentences. Now I understand that not everyone can have the quality of not being a twat, but I was expecting debaters to be of a somewhat higher level of intellect. No wonder so many people are closeted and remain so utterly private about their sexual life.

So for all the twats out there: gay is ok. And for all the one’s in the closet: if you stay there, you won’t be able to live your lives. Fuck all the idiots, you can’t let yourself be bullied into not being yourself. Yes, it can be hard. And sometimes painful. But that’s just how life can be.

The path to true happiness is a battle. No one will just sit there and receive everything. Only by being courageous and facing all those bobo’s can we get what we want. It also pisses me off when hot guys that I like do the little mating dance with me but then are too closeted to act upon it. Argh frustrated much.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”

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Didn’t have enough of my Mexico peregrination? This post is part of a series:

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