La Cucaracha (Mexico Day 5)

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The sun seems shy in Mexico, popping it’s head out only when it’s sure night has gone away. But enough of the lyrical stuff of life. Siesta time!


Staying at Mexico Plaza Hotel, fancy smanshy and all that. The lack of time and good internet connection means I have lots to say now. The food is quite good, and definitely plentiful. The sun is nice, had a little dip in the pool and got a very nice sunburn. Sunburn is the way to getting a tan, I say.

The people (trainers) are cool, intelligent individuals that just add to the bundle of fun that awaits me these few weeks (except for one of them that annoys the shit out of me). Still no visa and no return ticket out of Mexico.

Don’t really have all that much to say now, still a bit raw after last night (free tequila, heh). Talking about raw…if you ever need to say “put the fish in the oven, please” in spanish it’s something like “colloque el pescado en el horno. Por favor!”.

The booze is cheap! One bottle of tequila for like 94 pesos (4.49£). There are 3L Coca-Cola bottles for 20 pesos (0.95£). I am in the Land of Cheap Stuff. And it feels good.

Mariachi Band! Oh all this excitement is too much for me…

In the demo debate afterwards. Followed by Mexico vs Zimbabwe and Japan vs USA matches. Have not been bribed yet 🙁


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