Arriving in Mexico

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After much stress and problems on the way here (my life has to be a roller-coaster indeed), I am safely writing from the hotel room in Leon.

I arrived on Friday early morning in the airport to board my flight to Miami (where I was transiting). As I happily go show my ticket:

American Airlines Person: I’m sorry, you can’t board this flight.

Me (an eye twitching): What?

AAP: You need a visa for America.

Me: But I’m not going to America.

Alas, my way of reasoning failed, and it seems that I (being a Romanian citizen) actually need a transit visa to pass through the US. Never been told such a thing from the agency that arranged my travel. So I spent countless pounds on internet connection and making calls until I managed to get booked on a direct flight to Mexico City, where I was going to stay overnight and then go on a flight to Leon in the morning.

The adventure continues. As I arrive in Mexico City I try to get some money off my Visa Debit. It refuses to give me money. (Y u give me no money?). Then comes 15 minutes spent on the phone with Lloyds TSB, being asked a million questions about security and that apparently someone tried to use my card to get money in Mexico. Obviously, that being me. So, eventually, they accept that I am the one trying to get money for myself.

Now my current quest is this: I need a transit visa, as most (if not all) flights to Melbourne are through the US. That means going to the Consulate. The nearest in San Miguel. 100 miles away. Sigh.


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