Of Buns and Such

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This is not a post about Gordon Ramsay. On that note though, he is an amazing cook and person (hopefully my fabulous self will one day meet him) – has a brilliant way with bimbos. That other wanna be cook called Jamie Oliver, on the other hand, bah. Didn’t he see Rattatouille? No self-respecting chef has a brand of frozen pre-prepared foods.

Yet our adventure takes us far from the impressive figure of Gordon in a prison cell, in the heart of Piccadilly tube station. We search for something more elusive… the Baozi!

We follow the trail of the sweet scent of freshly made buns (Baozi is, as connoisseurs and people that speak Mandarin know, the pork bun). It was a good day for me, as such I am slightly hyper and my writing my marginally resemble that of Alice in Wonderland.

I dedicate part of this post to Nono/Anca and her quest for the ultimate bun.

There they were… Trapped! Behind a glass.

Still trapped!

It is now free! I’m just hyper, as I said. Also, in Australia you can take care of wombats. Isn’t that just amazing?

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