IT Girls Showcase

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Welcome to the It Girls! Yours truly managed to get on the guest list and, dare I say, save the show (kidding) by providing for some allergy medication for one of the girls.

A reader of mine (yes, you Rosie) has told me that I should write more and be less, well, truth be told, superficial and just flimsy by chugging pictures at you. She is perhaps right, I have forsaken my witty comments and how I generally am to gather, perhaps, followers. Power has gotten to my head.

Back to the show. It was certainly enjoyable, with a series of acts, from singing to drumming to dancing to burlesque. It very much reminded me of some things that Cersei said in the last Game of Thrones episode.

It is mainly about what many feminists oppose. It that whole idea of women using sex appeal; whilst others just go on the streets with signs that the world should stop objectifying women, these girls (and Cersei) understand that there should be no shame in using what is, sorry to say, beauty. What’s wrong with using sex appeal? Some people are born smart, some people are born hot. Some work to be smart, some work to be hot. Why complain about them using their gifts? It is rather amusing how only the ‘intellectual’ people always complain “she got that job cause she has bigger boobs”. Well, maybe you were born smart and she wasn’t, why not let her use what she has? Really now…

Getting back to these girls – who were amazing – it did make me realize a few things. First of all, how much I miss the arts and being part of all that dazzle. I was thinking how many people always have such a problem finding what actually makes them happy and be able to pursue that. Following on my discussion with Anca the other day as well, I think it is precious to find what makes you passionate, to find what you would enjoy to do for the rest of your life. Perhaps the arts is what I am meant to do… after I become filthy rich by being a corporate lawyer or something.

It was also Neil’s last show for some time with the It Girls, as he’s leaving to Australia; he made the fans and has styled the girls so they can reach their full potential.

There are now several issues swimming inside my skull. Am I socially inept? Some people seem to think so, yet I have always considered myself as being a socialite. If I can be bothered, off course. Yet I dislike meager social politeness of pretending you care and as such you will ask questions. It is always so evident when you don’t actually listen or when you don’t actually care. I honestly dislike fakeness more than antisocial behaviour.

So that’s how Ioan sees it. I hope you all feel enlightened. Until next time, comrades, until next time.

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