Whole Foods Market

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The Great Whole Foods Market of Brewer Street (Piccadilly) had finally opened…

It was bliss. The peaches were stacked up high, just ready for me to pick them and make them into a delicious peach cake. There were free strawberries to taste, as well as many many more produce such as shortcake and as I was queuing at the till I got a big chunk of brownie!


Didn’t take lots of pictures as I was already with some bags, but I needed to take a picture of all the mushrooms!


The value of a shop can be seen in the diversity of it’s mushrooms. But really, this is a great place to buy good ingredients. Not all that expensive either (bought a raspberry punnet for 0.99£).

And then got home, ready to create the incarnation of deliciousness.


As Ioana was going back to Romania for a few weeks, I decided to make something special:

Almond chicken



Raspberry Mousse



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