Victoria & Albert & Visas

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There’s two things I generally find true about holidays: you waste money and you waste time.

Now, with time, certainly you don’t entirely waste it. You get to spend time with friends, lovers, in museums, and in a generally pleasant kind of wastefulness. Yet I at the very least don’t seem able to do anything that I planned (like revise my Japanese, Chinese, cook lots of food, go dancing).


You do spend money. Load of it. Whenever you go out, you will get thirsty, hungry, all the sorts of needs somehow ambush you and persuade you that “money doesn’t buy happiness” so you might as well get rid of it.

Visas. They cost. As I will be spending a year abroad in Melbourne (Australia), I obviously need an Australian visa. Now, the visa process itself is bureaucratic and costly (visa application 360£, health insurance 300£) and no one seems to know exactly what one needs for it.

And then there is the medical check. Only 3 doctors accepted in London. The picture before was from their office (in Knightsbridge) – no wonder I’m paying 230£ for this.


Had my blood taken so that after 5 minutes to be told “oh, sorry, i didn’t need to take your blood”. Oh well, got over that and went over the V&A with Neil – he was researching the venue for a fashion workshop he is holding later this month.

Warning! Taking pictures in the V&A Museum seems not to be permitted. So I risked everything for you, my readers.


There was this lovely exhibit of stained glass and various other religious instruments.


Would have taken much more pictures had I not been constantly reminded I’m not allowed to.


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