Date at Amalfi

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We had been planning a proper date for quite some time, and this was the night!

The date had been planned for quite some time. We would both suit up and meet up at the appointed time at the appointed place: 8:00 pm at Amalfi (29-31 Old Compton Street,


I had my nice Paul Smith velvet marcello shoes, my nice Paul Smith suit and a little flower for my man.


I got a wonderful bouquet of red tulips, then went in to eat some italian. I was starving!


For starters, we had some lovely fresh mozzarella cheese and tomatoes with basil. The cheese was so soft and fresh, it reminded me of eating fresh cheese from the barrel in Romania. Very refreshing, and the basil was a great palette cleanser.



I ordered the Spaghetti Rag├╣ and Neil decided on the Salmone Lenticchie, delighting ourselves with some nice white wine (Neil is allergic to the red one). The pasta was delicious – not too much sauce, well flavoured and spiced, how pasta should truly be. The fish was crispy and fresh, the beans were cooked well, all in all two thumbs up for the chef.



We even received complimentary Limoncello shots – such a warm and lovely place! Many hrownie points for this.

We ended the day with some tasty Panna cotta served with honey and fig.




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