Chocolate and cake (and no law)

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And yet here I am once again, having coffee and cake instead of having no life. Truth be told, I did deserve a reward (don’t I deserve one every single moment of this life?). Went over to Mortimer Market Health Center to get tested for my sins – well, more for my sexual health but you get the pun. Time for the “no HIV” dance! (a celebration of life, indeed).

Not being in the mood for Starbucks, Costa, Pret, Eat, or any of the soulless chains, I went into this little one (which might also be a soulless chain but at least I haven’t heard of it before!). Cilantro (100 Tottenham Court Road, London, Greater London W1T 4EZ) proved to be quite nice though I can see all sorts of bad reviews on google maps.The prices are more or less about those from all the other chains, perhaps slightly cheaper.

I myself felt in the mood for some Butterscotch Hot Chocolate and a good piece of Victoria Sponge Cake, Neil opting for a coffee and a more adequate breakfast/brunch, a sandwich. I just have a sweet tooth, so I can’t help myself not buying cake.

The day was once more dreadfully rainy.

Oh but what do we have here? A scone! Life is now, once more, serene. So stay tuned to see me baking a batch of scones quite soon. And like this post. And all the other ones. Because, essentially, it makes me feel good on the inside knowing that I am loved. Or something.

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  1. Your blog makes me hungry and happy at the same time.. It’s a weird, mixed feelings kind of thing <3

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