Awards and rain

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The Undergraduate of the Year Awards were hosted this year at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf, with a drinks reception (that started at 12 – tad early even for my own taste) followed by a lovely dinner (good food, especially when free, is always welcome).

The presenter for the event was Michael Portillo (Shadow Chancellor between 2000 and 2005, now largely devoted to broadcasting; BBC 1’s This Week programme, Radio 4’s The Moral Maze etc.) who made pleasant jokes about Red Ed and Margaret Thatcher.  I really do enjoy when presenters are actual good public speakers, just warms the cockles of my heart.

The dinner was quite lovely. We had a first course of a wanna be amuse buche that wasn’t quite there, followed by beef with french potatoes and onion puree and for dessert Summerberry pudding, lime & balsamic macaroon and mint & berry parfait. Afterwards went to the Slug and Lettuce in London Bridge to share a pint (and some CC Lemon) with Anca (nono) and Neil.

And now I am deprived of all joy, liberty and happiness as exams are looming and I finally started studying. Couple that with the rain, listening to sad songs and being deprived of the presence of people and I feel like on a downwards slope. Not a water-park one, unfortunately.

Oh well, let’s just pray for sun and for finding a bag with 1,000,000 pounds.

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