Princess Garden of Mayfair

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Princess Garden of Mayfair

Location: 8-10 North Audley Street, London

Cuisine: Chinese

One of my (many) New Year Resolution was that I should go and celebrate all the big and little holidays the world dares throw at me. Not all very glamorous, as I have been caught unprepared by the Chinese New Year and with not that many funds in my pockets, yet a little exploring of London’s restaurants can never be too dull.

Princess Garden of Mayfair is, as the name hints, in the lovely yet expensive area of Mayfair. It isn’t one of the cheaper restaurants, but it doesn’t seem that pricy either. I would not recommend the Duck (which do come in pancakes). I find them tasting a bit weird (although one of my friends enjoyed it quite much) and it seems to be little food for a lot of money.

On the other hand, the Pork Ribs in Mandarin Sauce is excellent. Very good price/food ratio as well as (about 10 quid). The service is also quite good – very classy. The atmosphere is nice and warm and authentically Chinese (not traditional, mind you). They do add a 15% tip as far as I remember (some days have passed since the Chinese New Year – I was busy!), making me favour the Japanese in this aspect (where there generally are no tips at all).

Not much said.

Grade: Good

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