Here once again

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As I wait for Azada 3 to download (I must say that provides for excellent waste of time activities), and think of how the year soon ends, my mind wanders to something…



I love lists. From New Year Resolutions to shopping lists to lists that I will never actually care about. To lists about deadlines and lists about all my sexual partners (I deny any existence of such a list).


So let’s make some lists in honour of our dear friend, Year 2011.

Good Movies: Drive, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife (yes I know these are mostly series but I just can’t remember which other 2011 movies I’ve seen), The Help (this I really enjoyed), X-Men First Class

Bad Movies: Can’t remember. Better still, I don’t watch bad movies.

Worst Moment: Choosing my current flatmates. Hell.

Best Moment: Dining with a Lord?

Number of people murdered: 0

Number of people I wanted to murder at times: …

Number of countries visited: 3 (Romania, France, Belgium)


Certainly, my inner self kept nagging that I should make a blog. Another blog. So here it is, my attempt to create one. And what more suited moment can it be to begin the journey with an end? End of a year. Maybe end of the world soon.

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